Ultimate Direction
Utility Hip Bag

Suitable for
Specific activity
  • Trail Running
  • Running
Backpack fixtures
Bottle holder
Backpack feature pockets
Outer pocket
1.50 l
Ultimate Direction


<p>Even on shorter mountain runs, it's good to have a drink of water, a snack and your rain gear. The Ultimate Direction Utility Hip Bag gives you all of this without being too bulky.</p><p>Stretched tightly around the waist, it sits stably and doesn't wobble, and you can store all your essentials in the pockets around it. The two parallel tension straps are also practical - you can fasten your rain jacket or poles here.</p><p>This makes the Utility hip bag a great alternative to a running waistcoat when you want to have your back free.</p><p>The sizes are based on your clothing size.</p>
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