Black Diamond
Spot 400 Headlamp

Suitable for
  • Battery indicator
  • Red light
  • Dimming function
  • Switch-on
  • Various lighting modes
  • Blinking light
Luminosity max
400 lm
Battery life max.
200 h
Battery Type
AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries
Number of batteries
Energy type
  • Li.-ion battery
  • Batteries
IPX Level
IPX8 certified
Black Diamond


<p>The Spot 400 headlamp from Black Diamond has a powerful 400 lumens, packed into a super-compact, waterproof and lightweight housing, so that the headlamp fits easily into any backpack. Of course, it comes with various light modes: Flashing light, a dimming function, a precise battery level indicator, a memory mode and a red light for the night.</p><p>Thanks to a dual switch, it is easy to operate and with the PowerTap™ technology, it can be raised to maximum power with just one tap. Meanwhile, it can run for up to 200 hours on its lowest setting. A power lock prevents unintentional start-up in the backpack. It also provides close-range illumination, e.g. for cooking, reading or sorting equipment. With all this, the Spot 400 weighs only 86g including batteries - so it won't be a burden when climbing motivation is greater than daylight lasts, on the after-work loop on the cross-country ski trail, hiking or running.</p><p>It has an IPX8 certified housing. When submerged, water can penetrate the inside of the battery housing without affecting the function of the lamp. However, the lamp should be completely dried again after operation in humid conditions.</p><p>Aside from the batteries included with delivery, the Spot 400 headlamp offers the option of being recharged with a rechargeable BD 1500 lithium-ion battery. However, this battery is not supplied with the headlamp.</p>
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