Winter Face Mask

Suitable for
Other Material Technology
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
Made in Europe
Main material
  • 98% polypropylene
  • 1% polyamide
  • 1% elastane


<p>Since it is also certain that everything will be different this winter and compulsory mask doing will remain, the Winter Mouth and Nose Mask from Uyn is the perfect solution for cold temperatures. It supports you when waiting at the ski lift, snowshoeing in groups, and other winter activities</p><p>The mask provides a pleasant flow of air so you can breathe more easily and it does not get excessively hot under the mask. This makes it suitable for long working days outside and extended shopping trips.</p><p>It is not a medical product and therefore not certified and therefore not personal protective equipment. Nevertheless it is a perfect community mask.</p><p>After use, the mask can be washed at 60°C and dries extremely quickly thanks to its breathable, innovative material. Afterward it does not need to be ironed, but is ready for use again immediately.</p><p>Note: For hygienic reasons, mouth-nose masks cannot be returned or exchanged in any form!</p><p>The Mask is available in two different sizes:</p><p>S-M is for narrower and female faces</p><p>L -XList cut for wider face shapes</p><p>Instructions for correct use:</p><p>As you have to touch your face when putting on the mask, you should have washed or disinfected your hands well beforehand.</p><p>Then pull the mask over your head and place it around your neck. The logo must be placed on the right side.</p><p>Then pull the upper part of the mask over your nose and align the mask with the mark on your nose.</p><p>If you are skiing, you should then pull the helmet over the</p><p>the mask, so that the helmet's fastener also comes over the mask. The mask can be additionally sealed with ski goggles.</p><p>After taking off the mask, the hands should be washed or disinfected again thoroughly.</p>
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