Bodhi Mini Lantern

Suitable for
Specific activity
  • Diffuser
  • Battery indicator
  • Hanging attachment
  • Various lighting modes
Luminosity max
185 lm
Energy type
Weight (piece)
90.00 g


<p>The lightweight Bodhi mini lantern from Edelrid is a practical mix between a rechargeable lantern and a flashlight for beautiful camping holidays. It has an adjustable angle of inclination and the removable diffuser provides a pleasant scattered light. The 1800mAh lithium polymer battery is recharged in three hours via USB cable and lasts up to 80 hours in eco mode. The lamp has three different brightness levels and an SOS flash mode. You can also hang the Bodhi lantern with a small carabiner. In addition, there is a magnet on the back for mounting in the car.</p><table class="table table-bordered" style="background-color: rgb(62, 63, 58); width: 601px; color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"><tbody><tr><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">Mode</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">Lumen max.</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">Intensity max.</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">Lifespan max.</td></tr><tr><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">High</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">185 Lumen</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">20 m</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">6,5 h</td></tr><tr><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">Medium</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">80 Lumen</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">10 m</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">12 h</td></tr><tr><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">Eco</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">20 Lumen</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">2 m</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">80 h</td></tr><tr><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">SOS</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">-</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">-</td><td style="line-height: 1.42857;">200 h<br><br></td></tr></tbody></table>
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